Well working on the 14th floor in Manhattan is pretty beautiful but it gets boring. I remember how amazed I was when I got here for the first time. Now it’s just boring since you got to see it everyday. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Okay, except for the weekends and I am pretty glad about it.

Working at the German Embassy is quite cool. I don’t have that much stuff to do. I mean it is a typical office job. I am pretty sure there are some companies which run a lot busier than a NGO. We have no pressure since we don’t have any products to sell, right?

Also the food at the German house is super delicious! The German restaurant are run by two Austrian chefs who also have 2 very fancy and expensive restaurants in Manhattan (each dish around $20 - $30). People who work at the embassy get discounts. We pay for each dinner from $6 - $9.

David Zwirner Gallery

I am so impressed about all those galleries which can be visited for free in Manhattan. Here are some pictures from the David Zwirner Gallery. Taking photos weren’t allowed, but yeah…

David Zwirner Gallery
Meat Packing District
525 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011

Chan in NYC

NYC Campus. Washington Square Park and 5th Avenue.

Well I made it to the Manhattan. I currently live in Upper East Side and it’s so exiciting. I can’t believe I have everything I need within 2 blocks. That is just crazy.

Anyway, here is my German blog. I will write about my life in NYC. I know it’s all in German but you can still see the pictures. So yeah. Enjoy!